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What Do You Do If Your Kenmore Progressive 35922 Or 35923 Vacuum Cleaner Has Problems?

What Do You Do If Your Kenmore Progressive 35922 Or 35923 Vacuum Cleaner Has Problems?

The Kenmore Progressive upright vacuum with “intelli-clean up” has been the one particular of the most well-liked vacuum cleaners in the past handful of yrs. I will protect a number of of the most widespread troubles that come about from frequent use as effectively as how to remedy these circumstances.

Ideally, you can use this article as a guide to troubleshoot your Kenmore if you have an problem

Challenge #1- No Suction. This is a pretty widespread issue with this vacuum which could possibly have a number of will cause.

Answer: Verify the bag. This might seem noticeable but a complete bag lessens the vacuum power. The efficiency indicator light subsequent to the “intelli-cleanse” gentle will turn purple if the bag is entire. You only open up the front of the vacuum and pull the bag straight out, discard the bag and exchange with a further bag. There are (2) versions, the typical paper filtration bags and fabric HEPA fashion luggage.

If transforming the bag did not do the trick, check out…

Examining for obstructions. Acquire a appear at the place where the hose meets the foundation of the vacuum and verify for any obstructions in the hose or from the foundation of the vacuum to the brush roller. If you locate an obstruction you can commonly take out it with a wire hanger or a little something that can eliminate the clog.

If there are no obstructions, test…

Checking the filters. On the Kenmore Progressive there are (2) filters. Check equally of them, 1 is on the back between the extension hose the other is under the bag inside the include. If the filters are plugged, the vacuum motor simply cannot create suction to draw dust into the bag.

Issue #2- Vacuum will not transform on. This challenge benefits from an overheated motor that results in the reset button to pop up like tripping a breaker. The overheated motor may possibly appear from a total or around full bag or an obstruction in the brush roll these types of as too much hair or string wrapped around the brush roller.

Remedy: The solution listed here is to check out the brush roll, take out any obstructions, and force the white reset button to reset the motor.

Dilemma #3 Intelli-Clean does not get the job done. The signal that the intelli-clean up does not get the job done is that when you press the intelli-thoroughly clean button on the deal with, there is no change if it is on or off, it does not transform suction.

Option: The remedy is to open up the front deal with, take out the bag and just take a cotton swab and clean up the issue the place the bag is positioned on the vacuum. The within of the opening has a sensor that triggers the intelli-clear function. If the sensor receives too dirty, it will not get the job done the right way. Swab the inside of of this place to clean up the sensor and swap the bag.

Challenge #4 Blowing dust out the back again of the vacuum. This is a signal that there is a rip in the bag, and dust is leaking into the vacuum chamber and blowing out the exhaust filter. If you see this difficulty you will have to do one thing immediately or the vacuum could be completely damaged.

Solution: Cure-take out the bag. Then, thoroughly clean the inside of of the vacuum chamber with a moist fabric and wipe dry. Clean up the filter next to the motor and shake out the vacuum to reduce any dirt particles from moving into the vacuum. Ultimately, replace the bag and thoroughly clean or replace the now dirty exhaust filter.

With any luck , you can use this info the upcoming time your Kenmore Progressive 35922 or 35923 goes on the blink. Now you know precisely what to do. If you face a issue extra advanced than what I have composed about, there is a good opportunity you will will need to take your vacuum to the repair service shop for support.