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The Real Estate of Virginia – Based Solely on the Brim Factor!

The Real Estate of Virginia – Based Solely on the Brim Factor!

Virginia is a state brimming with history, political savvy, wonderful attractions, great food, and fantastic real estate. There is no shortage of real estate stories about each of these diverse topics, so here are my favorites!


One of the most intriguing pieces of historical real estate was owned by one of our founders, Thomas Jefferson. The author of the Declaration of Independence inherited a large estate from his father and built his famous home, Monticello. Jefferson inherited slaves, but freed very few. Those given their freedom the children of famous Sally Hemings, mother to six of Jefferson’s children. In Charlottesville where Monticello is located, affordable homes abound, with hundreds of homes available in the $100,000 to $150,000 price range.

Political Savvy

One of the smartest members of Congress is Eric Cantor, house minority whip. As the member who manages the legislative program of his party, it’s easy to imagine that he lives in Richmond – just a quick train ride to the Capitol in Washington, D.C. In Richmond, real estate can move quickly since it’s also the state capitol where turnover can come in waves. With more than 500 homes currently on the market in the affordable $100,000 to $150,000 price range, homes range from fixer-uppers to those nicely remodeled and move-in ready. Prices are currently rising in Richmond, so sellers must be feeling very optimistic.

Wonderful Attractions

Virginia Beach is one of the loveliest stretches of ocean beauty on the East Coast. Visitors may choose from a variety of beaches to visit, plus they could also go on whale watching excursions, go fishing, or boating. Real estate prices do run high thanks to the great location, but also because of nearby military bases, including Ft. Story and the Naval Station Oceana. If you want to live on the ocean, however, be prepared to pay big. Oceanfront prices average well over a half million, so you’ll have to go to the interior land to find real estate below $290,000.

Great Food

The Red Panda Restaurant is one of the most popular Chinese dining experiences in the state of Virginia. With locations in Winchester, Manassas, and Harrisonburg, the variety of food served is as delightful as the variety of real estate in these towns. You can get my favorite Chicken Lo Mein for $6.25… a fair price for great food. Just as affordable are the homes in Manassas where commuters to Washington, D.C. often buy because of the lower prices.

Fantastic Real Estate

My favorite real estate pick in Virginia today is a four-bedroom, 1850 square foot new construction home in Newport News, Virginia. Priced at $86 per square foot, this great buy is available for $159,900. You can find it by searching trulia.com.