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7 Unknown Facts About the Black Dahlia Murder

7 Unknown Facts About the Black Dahlia Murder

All of you, who believe that the murder of the Black Dahlia, a.k.a. Elizabeth Short, is nonetheless unsolved, be sure to elevate your hand. How several of you know who shot Lincoln? And ultimately, how several know who killed John Kennedy?

These a few unrelated, nevertheless notorious murders have obtained a pursuing of cynics and conspiracy theorists. All proper, two of them have global implications when the third, The Black Dahlia, is most identified in the U.S. because it truly is about sensationalism at its most grand. There have been many thriller textbooks written on the topic.

Folklore has propelled The Black Dahlia to the position of Jack the Ripper and Lizzie Borden. But in this article are some appealing notes about the murder. Since he has not been tried using in court docket, we can’t convict now and most probable will never prosecute. And now that he is useless, it may continue on as much more than legend but a component of heritage. In this article are some fascinating facts:

  1. The victim had blue eyes and brunette colored hair and was from Massachusetts, not California.
  2. Elizabeth Quick wasn’t just murdered, but dissected and mutilated by possessing her mouth slice extensive on each sides by an individual with comprehensive knowledge of anatomy
  3. The overall body was learned in a vacant ton by a woman and her daughter.
  4. She was not murdered at the scene her entire body was placed there. Law enforcement believed that the murder took spot in a residence on Franklin Ave. in Los Angeles.
  5. Reporter Will Fowler and photographer Felix Paegel were the 1st to get there on the scene before the police!
  6. The secretary of Dr. George Hodel, the alleged murderer, was producing a manuscript about him when she died instantly and the manuscript disappeared.
  7. The killer taunted police with a collection of created notes just after the murder took put.

The cause the killer was never charged or indicted for the criminal offense, even nevertheless the police had identified who he was shortly following the crime took place, had a lot more to do with blackmail and corruption as a lot as just about anything else. The health practitioner who was in cost of the general public overall health in Los Angeles County was Dr. George Hodel. Venereal condition was not only unsafe in the late 40’s and early 50’s but a taboo that number of men and women would even communicate about it. Dr. Hodel treated some members of the law enforcement division and the judiciary who contracted venereal condition. They feared he would go public with their names if he was indicted.

Shortly soon after the murders, and there have been far more than a person, Dr. Hodel was concerned in a sensational incest trial involving his 14 year previous daughter. He was acquitted of the rates on Christmas Eve and still left for the country where by he remained for many yrs.

His daughter gave start to a lady that was instantly offered up for adoption to a black restroom attendant in Reno, Nevada. Dr. Hodel preserved a distant get in touch with with the new mum or dad, trying to keep tract of his offspring as she struggled in this twin entire world.